-Annual sales exceeded 220 million in 2019
-120 employees
-Service industries include electronic semiconductor, automobile, steel, electric power, food and beverage, medical treatment, coal chemical industry, new materials, Municipal sewage discharge and reuse,etc.

-Annual sales exceeded 150 million
-105 employees
-Service industries include assembly&test, electronics, semiconductor, automobile, steel, new material development industries, etc.

-Annual sales exceeded 100 million in 2012
-90 employees
-Main service industries include electronic semiconductor, automobile, steel, chemical industry, food and beverage, etc.

Shanghai Sanbang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established

-Annual sales reached 50 million in 2005,
-70 employees
-Service industries include electronic semiconductor,food, medical, automobile, etc.

Shanghai Sanbang Water Treatment CO., Ltd. was established

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