About Sanbang

Shanghai Sanbang Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental water treatment engineering company integrating technical design, equipment manufacturing, on-site construction, and after-sales service. Our main business areas include DI water treatment, ultra-pure water treatment, recycled water reuse treatment, and industrial Wastewater treatment, domestic sewage treatment, reclaimed water treatment, seawater desalination treatment; and can undertake corresponding system and pipeline installation projects.

Now we have the second-level qualifications for professional contracting of building mechanical and electrical installation projects and the third-level qualifications for professional contracting of environmental protection projects, providing customers with a series of overall solutions for green production, energy saving and emission reduction.

Shanghai Sanbang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional water treatment system maintenance service company integrating water treatment professional technical design, water treatment system transformation and addition, maintenance project construction, consumable supply and replacement, and operation management.

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